During my childhood, I spent hours designing my dollhouse. I laid miniature brick floors in the kitchen and hung wallpaper with a miniature fruit pattern in the dining room. Originally trained as an architect, my design process always began with tiny concept models. My artwork goes back full circle, I now build miniature vignettes, embedded within full-scale furniture. The furniture framework ranges from a modern industrial style that I fabricate to vintage wooden boxes or drawers that I collect. Still an architect at heart, my work is the still the built environment…just miniaturized...

Extensive research of classic and iconic spaces inspires my one-of-a-kind miniature rooms or vignettes, a contrast in styles, industrial with the use of steel mixed with classic old-world designs. This combining of styles and scales work together in many settings from modern to traditional. I also use fragments of architectural salvage, bicycle parts, copper sheet, mesh and rivets, mirror, aluminum, my handmade miniature paper books, and miniature glasses and bottles.

Progress photo miniature vignette within the Nightstand

Photo by Kevin Chance.


Baltimore, Maryland                                                    jillerica2@gmail.com                                                 410.608.1698

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