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A miniature vignette of the classic Brady Bunch television set housed within a vintage wooden mid-century modern desk drawer.  The warm gray of those Mike Brady stairs!! and the furniture complement the weathered cast iron of the fireplace and built-in planter. The heavily pitted metal represents the stone structure in the original full-scale TV set. Materials include welded mild steel, mid-century modern desk drawer, heavily rusted architectural metal salvage, heat treated copper mesh, real air plants, Blanton’s bourbon stopper, watch parts, amethyst earring, jewelry chain, found key and clothes pin fragments, terra cotta vase, and dollhouse accessories include glass vases and a cast metal plate.

Photo credits Kevin Chance

17-1/4” wide x 5-1/2” deep or 7-1/2” deep with flat file cabinet x 15-1/2” tall

Available for purchase. PM me for details.

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